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5 Great Souvenir Ideas for Your Class Trip to Italy

Posted by Sarah Lozinski on Mon, May 4, 2015 @ 03:31 PM



Sarah Lozinski is a student, a traveller, and a writer. When she’s not sharing her educational travel experiences on our blog, you’ll find her playing Settlers of Catan, or buried in the New York Times. Probably both. This week, Sarah shares some ideas for souvenir-shopping during your class trip to Italy.

You’re going on a class trip to Italy! The land of pasta, art, and mopeds. While your family is thrilled that you're going to gain such an unforgettable life experience, they're likely also wishing that they could come with you. Since you can’t bring them all along, the next best thing is to bring a little bit of la dolce vita back to them! So here are five souvenir ideas to inspire you.

1. Art Prints

From Da Vinci to Giotto, Italy is bursting at the seams with artistic genius. For someone on a budget, the best way to bring home one these masterpieces is by purchasing one of the countless prints can be found in museum gift shops, art galleries, and street boutiques (depending on the city you’re in).

2. Scarves

I know what you’re thinking - why would I go to the sunny Mediterranean coast and bring home a scarf?! Italy is known for its beautiful silks and fabrics. While their scarves are more of a fashion statement than the wooly ones we wrap snuggly around our necks during the winter, your mom or sister is bound to appreciate the bright colors and beautiful fabrics. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about it breaking in your suitcase on the way home (or taking up too much room)!

3. Leather

This is by far the biggest investment on the list, although some would say the most authentic. Italian hand-crafted leather goods are an international phenomenon. Think this one over, because if you’re buying a leather bag in Italy, you’re buying a bag for life. Worth it.

4. Food

Hands up if you’re excited to try authentic Italian food! Okay, so that’s pretty much everybody. So long as you consult your country’s customs regulations (Canada Customs here; US Customs here), there’s nothing stopping you from bringing home a jar of locally-pressed olive oil, or even a bag of hand-cut pasta. The foodie in your family will love it!

5. Literature

This is for the language-lovers. There’s nothing like a good book to help you practice the local language and return with a keepsake that will last a lifetime. It could be an art history or travel book you found at a museum or monument; or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a cook book to try with your family at home.

Remember to check out our guide on making the most of foreign currency to help you shop for souvenirs without going broke.

Hope this helps you out, folks! Happy travels!

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