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The All-New Jumpstreet.com: Now with 100% More ‘Wow’

Posted by Joel Vautour on Wed, Jul 24, 2013 @ 11:51 AM



From instant answers to obscure questions, immediate sharing, heck, even photos snapped from smartphone cameras, we are more connected and informed than ever. The internet has forever changed our world--and the ways we travel it. You deserve an educational travel website and provider that harnesses all that good web stuff to provide you and your students with an amazing experience from start to finish. And that’s just what we’ve created.

 Welcome to the all-new jumpstreet.com. Join us for a quick walking tour of the highlights, won’t you?

 Mobile-Friendly to the Max

Our newly-responsive site is completely mobile friendly. Whether you’re on an iPhone, an Android, BlackBerry or Windows, you can check out tours and itineraries. And best of all? Get a custom quote or a preliminary tour estimate with a simple swipe of the finger, no matter where your busy life takes you.

 Online Tour Estimates

 You asked, we listened. No longer do you need to request a tour estimate, then wait to hear back from us. Now, you can get a preliminary estimate right away, right online. That’s right--while we sort out some of the minor details, you’ll have an initial estimate to help you get recruiting right away.

 New Destinations & Itineraries

We’re excited to announce awesome new tours “south of the border”--and a few in our home town as well.

 For tours to New York City, we’ve added dance, theatre, and even holiday shopping themes to our already world-class itineraries. And our NYC Spanish language tours have been revamped to provide even more amazing and immersive language lessons.

 In Boston, we’ve got a brand-new itinerary that’s perfect for history teachers as it follows a chronological timeline of historic events in this timeless city.

 And, of course, we’ve expanded and improved tours to our beloved French Canada! Check out our new French-focused tours to Quebec and Montreal with a seasonal slant, and added event-focussed itineraries like our upcoming Montreal en Lumiere tour.

Easier, More Powerful Tour Search Tools

To help you find the perfect itinerary for your group that much quicker, we’ve made our tour search tools a lot more powerful.

 A lot more.

 You can now find the right itinerary by filtering for:

  • Price
  • Departure Date
  • Departure City
  • Subject Matter (French, English, Civics, etc.)
  • Age appropriateness
  • ...and more!

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