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3 Fall Food Festivals to Consider for your Class Trip

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Aug 19, 2014 @ 01:36 PM



Student travel and food are kindred spirits. Digging in to authentic local food is one of the best ways to experience a new culture, even if it’s in your own backyard. It’s also a great way to foster language learning. After all, it’s virtually an unwritten rule that a language student starts by learning how to order in a restaurant!

Markets and grocery stores are a great way to get students practicing a foreign language. Jumpstreet Tours actually offers language-themed activities that take place in the supermarket! But there are other great ways to get your students experiencing a new culture--a new language even—by exposing them to the area’s eating habits. Here are three amazing food festivals that might be worth adding to your fall itinerary.

New York: The NYC Wine & Food Festival

Organized by the Food Network and sponsored by Food & Wine magazine? When it comes to adding food festivals to your class trip, you can’t get much more high-profile than that. This might not have the intimacy of a more localized event, but it will definitely give you and your students a sense of New York City’s status as a culinary capital. Recommended for groups with a serious hankering for fine dining, food personalities, and the kind of fabulousness that only the Big Apple has on tap.

Montreal: MTL à table

Another food capital of North America, MTL à table offers a variety of amazing set meals around the city for very reasonable prices. A beautiful destination year-round, Montreal is especially stunning in the fall, and as the temperatures start to drop there's no better way to foray into fall than by tucking in to a delicious soulful meal. You can sample the talent that Montreal is bringing to the table while practicing your conversational French … otherwise you might not get your pouding chômeur.

Chicago: The Chicago Food Truck Festival

It’s no secret that North America has undergone a food renaissance, and the reemergence of food trucks is no coincidence. People are opening their eyes to quality eats, but still need to order on the fly. Food trucks marry the best of fast food and fine dining. On the menu: fresh fish tacos with grilled watermelon, organic beef burgers, and freshly steamed pork buns. Enough said! Keep checking in to their website, where the festival’s food truck lineup should be available soon!

Do you have a festival on your educational tours' radar? Contact us and we'll help you integrate it into your itinerary.

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