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6 Ways to Put the 'Fun' in Fundraising for your Student Tour

Posted by Michael Johnson on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 @ 05:02 PM

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Behind all great student tour you'll find even greater fundraising drives. Trip organizers, students, and parents alike put a lot of hard work into collecting the money needed to help get these school trips off the ground. We know how tricky it can be to kickstart a truly effective fundraiser, especially when your plate is full as it is. That's why we're sharing our six key steps to organizing the kind of fundraising campaign that will help you supplement your trip cost without stretching your bandwidth.

1. Be proactive

Many of you aspire to turn our class trips into an annual tradition, something that joins the cultural fabric of your classroom. Older students will look back on their time in your class with the cherished memory of that wild adventure to New York or Montreal; new students will look forward to being in your class so that they can call those memories their own.

Pushing yourself to get an effective fundraiser off the ground will go a long way towards that goal! The first fundraising effort will be a doozy but it will only get easier with time, until one day you’re running the show on auto-pilot.

2. Explore your options

An initial meeting with students and chaperones will help you brainstorm ideas based on past fundraising experiences, contacts you might be able to reach out to (sports teams, extracurricular clubs, local community sponsorships), and objectives that everyone is comfortable with. Consider talking to your State or Provincial government. Depending on the theme of your trip, you might qualify for government bursuraries. Just remember to consult your school board about this first. You might also qualify for our referral program.

3. Don't be a hero

You’re running this show, and your plate is full as it is! The more you isolate yourself in coordinating the fundraising, the more likely it will weigh you down. Try delegating a “fundraising champion”, whether it’s a chaperone, colleague, or student. Schedule regular meetings with them to track progress.

Don't forget, your personal Jumpstreet customer service representative is on hand to cheer you on. They have helped facilitate countless fundraisers for groups of every shape and size. Their insight could be your ticket to an effective campaign.

4. Set a target

Whether you’re running a marathon or competing in a hot-dog eating contest, it always helps to set a tangible goal. Determine a reasonable dollar amount and deadline (make sure to give yourself enough time before your final payment deadline).

5. Put your plan into action

Go get ‘em tiger! Remember: positive vibes. This is going towards the school trip of a lifetime. So long as you stay on top of your plan, keep your group motivated and (yes) delegate as needed, you and your students will reap the rewards.

6. Take notes

This might be your first foray into fundraising for a school trip, but it doesn’t mean it will be your last. Take note of both what worked and what didn’t. Was your target reasonable enough? Could you afford to be more ambitious next time? Who could you reach out to for more visibility? Should you involve students or parents more? Ask yourself these questions in hindsight so that next year’s fundraiser is better, bigger and more bountiful.

Question? Comments? Quandaries? Contact us. And remember, you can always earn money towards your trip through our referral program.

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