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Point, shoot, win! Jumpstreet Tours' Annual Photo Contest is Here!

Posted by Michael Johnson on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 04:34 PM


Photography is synonymous with student travel. What better way to help capture your class trip than with a photo of your friends chowing down on poutine in Montréal, or marvelling at the stunning Statue of Liberty in New York City? Or perhaps there's a sweet photo op of your fellow chaperones about to plummet down Le Everest at Village des Sports in Québec City!

No matter where your feet land with Jumpstreet Tours, there's always something, someone or somewhere worth snapping. This year, we're kicking off our first annual photo contest, an opportunity for your photos to earn you not only some sweet memories but also some sweet prizes too!

If you're traveling with us this year, send us your best shots of your experience on tour and you could win a $500 Amazon gift card. The contest runs through May 31, and winners will be announced June 16.

What are we looking for? Pics of your fellow students, teachers, or chaperones on tour, in action! Think of it as wildlife photography... the wild life of a Jumpstreet class trip, that is! Visiting Boston this year? Capture your students engrossed in an exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. Headed to Montréal? Show us your teacher's moves at your hip hop dance workshop! Coming to Québec? Let's see how your students dance le canard at La Cabane à Sucre! The photo opportunities as as limiteless as the fun.

For full rules and guidelines or to submit your photos, please visit the Teacher and Chaperone Contest page. And teachers, please share the Student Photo Contest with your class before departing. We have a separate contest for them (same prizes) and want to see their photography as well!

Make sure to review our full contest details before you hit the road. Good luck, shutterbugs!