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Staff Picks: My Montreal

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, May 23, 2017 @ 02:59 PM



Last week, Montréal celebrated its 375th Birthday. A wide range of activities are planned to mark the occasion. We have roots in Montréal and send countless student groups there - for both French and Spanish immersion trips with their language teachers - so it comes as no surprise that much of our team has something to say about what this wonderful city means to them: 


Tom-Clarke-Montreal.jpg"My Montréal is a summer evening the city. Cheering on the Allouetes at McGill stadium on a Friday evening with the mountain and the city as backdrops, then walking down the hill and right into the Jazz Fest to wander between the outdoor stages, soaking in the free live Jazz. And when I’m done, I pick up a Bixie bike for $3 and ride home, 11km all on bike paths, and drop it off near my house.." - Tom, Commercial Director






Marie-Eve-Montreal.jpg"My Montréal is Parc Maisonneuve. I love this city for its fluid transitions between concrete jungles and sprawling green space: in one instant you're in the heart of a nature trail and in the next instant you're in the heart of a trendy neighbourhood at a new restaurant opening. It's the best of both worlds!" - Marie-Ève, Canadian Destinations Coordinator








"My Montréal is Marché Jean Talon. It’s an intersection of everything that I love about this city: the independent spirit in its local groceries and cafés, and the multicultural charm imbued in its variety of cuisines and tongues. Whether it’s a sweltering evening in July or a frigid morning in January, MJT is alive and kicking, just like Montreal." - Michael, Marketing Advisor







Livia-Montreal.jpg"My Montréal is Place des Festivals. We are lucky to have so many events with artists from all of the world come to our city. I sometimes take it for granted! Walking around la Place des Festivals during the Jazz Fest, les Francofolies, or while a hockey game is being projected on a big screen, makes me proud to call Montreal my home. The city buzzes with energy!" - Livia, Tour Consultant







"My Montréal is its festival culture. Every year there seem to be bigger and better festivals. Festivals of all kinds and for every single person. The most interesting part of it all is not the amount or the magnitude of these events; but how the city reinvent itself with every season, just like its people." - Camillo, U.S. Destinations Coordinator







Julie-Montreal.jpg"My Montréal is the Saint Lawrence River and all the wonderful things that it has brought us. It's the birthplace of Montréal. It enabled the city's developpment back when it was virtually the only mode of transporation. It refreshes us in the summer and treats us to wonderful icy spectacles in the winter. It's a massive playground where locals learn to swin, skate, canoe, kayak, surf... It's the perfect companion for a vibrant, bubbly city like Montréal!" - Julie, Operations Director







"My Montréal is Mont-Royal: Spending time with the kids, the view from lookout point, running or walking along the mountain, the Tam Tam festivals on Sundays and of course, one of our best-known monuments, the giant Cross that overlooks the city. Like Central Park to New York, Mont-Royal is the lung of the city." - Dennis, Tour Consultant







Stephanie-Montreal.jpg"My Montréal is my neighbourhood, Verdun. After a day in the heart of the city, I love that I can just hop on my bike and take the path along the Parc des Rapides de Lachine for fresh air and greenery. I love that we have so much access to green space." - Stephanie, Tour Coordinator








"For me, Montréal is defined by its alleyways. They're a reflection of the city's wealth of urban art, not to mention its positive attitude towards sustainability. I love walking in and exploring different alleyways and the micro-communities that they foster, from the young kids playing street hockey to the elderly couples tending to their gardens. Scenes like that make me proud of this city!" - Alexis, International Tour Consultant






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