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5 New Features in Our 2018 International Class Trip Catalog

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 @ 12:09 PM


Hot off the press! The 2018 edition of our International Class Trip Catalog is packed with itineraries, prices and trip-planning resources, not to mention testimonials from teachers and parents who are simply loving their Jumpstreet experience.

Meanwhile, here are 5 new features to look out for:


1. Safety Dance

Another addition to our long line of useful trip-planning resources, this Health & Safety FAQ is handy for two reasons:

  1. It's a great way for you to get a sense of our commitment to safeguarding you and your students. We created our Health & Safety Policy over three decades of working in this field; we also benefited from listening to trip-organizers like you. These are real questions from real customers.
  2. Just like our other planning resources, it's a great handout for board approval meetings, parent/teacher nights, etc. When it comes to getting the support you need to get your trip off the ground, understanding your provider's Health & Safety Policy is a great start.


2. I Dream of Dubrovnik

We are constantly researching and developing new product. This year we noticed more and more interest in class trips to Southeastern Europe, so we created an amazing program that combines the irresistable charm of Italy with the Adriatic awesomeness that is the Croatian coast! From countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites to pristine lakes and rivers - not to mention an unforgettable stay in Dubrovnik - you might never want to leave this place.


3. Rule Britannia

Another program plucked from the wings of our R&D department, this combined trip to England and Scotland is the perfect way to fall in love with the U.K. You'll start in London before making your way north by train to Scotland, where you and your students will hike the Highlands.


4. Three's Company

We already had some class trips to Germany on offer, but now that we've developped programming in both Poland and the Czech Republic, this Central Europe class trip is going to be tough to beat. Both Poland and the Czech Republic are intriguing additions because they round off the fascinating transformation that the region has experienced over the last century or so. We're looking at you, History teachers.


5. Sweet, sweet Service Learning

You and your students won't ever forget your Service Learning experience. Our programs in both Costa Rica and Guatemala focus on Spanish immersion, homestays, community projects and collaborating with indigenous groups. There are cooking classes, dance workshops, museum visits... and it goes without saying that you'll be treated to excursions to some of the most breathtaking flora and fauna on the planet! With Jumpstreet, a Service Learning trip lets you be the change you want to see in this world.


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