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Thanksgiving in Quebec: Download our Favourite French Canadian Recipe

Posted by Michael Johnson on Fri, Oct 9, 2015 @ 11:56 AM



It's that time of year when we share Alexis' 100-year-old French Canadian Thanksgiving recipe with you! Ladies and gentlemen, loosen your belt loops...

The Canadian and US Thanksgivings have a lot in common. They're both public holidays; they share themes and mythology. There's turkey and pie, and football.

Québec likes to bring its own flavour to the table. You might find maple syrup in a recipe or two, though many of you who have experienced our class trips to Quebec will know that this runs like a rich vein through virtually every festive meal on our calendar.

To truly embrace a Thanksgiving a la Québecoise, you need look no further than cipaille. It's the kind of French Canadian soul food that brings families together in celebration of the hunt and the harvest.

Jumpstreet's own Alexis Biron has been gracious enough to share his family's cipaille recipe with us. It dates back to his great grandmother, Bernadette, who used to make cipaille for her ten children on their farm in St-Alphonse, Gaspésie, during hunting season in October.

Now we're sharing the recipe with you! Simply share your email address and we'll direct you to the deliciousness.


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