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Staff Picks: Spectacular Views in Quebec City

Posted by Michael Johnson on Thu, Jun 12, 2014 @ 09:36 AM

Class Trip to QC_Stunning View

Jumpstreet Tours has been planning Quebec City student tours for almost 25 years, so it comes as no surprise that our team has developed a penchant for the countless sights and sounds that this gorgeous, historic city has to offer. Perched high on the cliffs of the fleuve Saint-Laurent (Saint Lawrence Seaway), the city offers spectacular views from a multitude of vantage points. We asked our staff to share some of their favourites so that you can seek them out on your next Quebec City school trip:

"My favourite view in Quebec is downtown at the very top of the Hilton. From there you can see it all: The entire site of the Winter Carnival, the Plains of Abraham, the walls of Old Quebec City, the citadel, the fleuve Saint-Laurent, and even the Montmorency waterfalls! It’s so magical up there that with a little bit of imagination you can almost see the European explorers pulling up to the shores of Beaupré. You really get the full scope of the early history of our Province in one blink of an eye. It’s my favourite place to see the city in all its glory!”
- Gabrielle, Hotel Coordinator

“My favorite view is from the Louis Joliette at night. The Chateau Frontenac’s lights are truly unique!”
- Pierre-Marc, Tour Consultant

“I really love the view of the fleuve Saint-Laurent from the promenade de Samuel de Champlain, whether by car, bike, or on foot. I’ve never had the opportunity to spend a lot of time there, but one day I would love to spend an afternoon just lounging with a good book.”
- Andreanne, Tour Coordinator

“I love the famous mural by Place Royale in la basse ville. It’s a nice representation of the whole city, and it makes me want to travel to another period in time.”
- Patricia, Accounting

"Whether from the Terrasse Dufferin or the Plains of Abraham, I love watching the craggy ice formations chugging along the fleuve Saint-Laurent during the winter. There’s something so peaceful about them, and my imagination always runs wild when I think of their journey to the Atlantic."
- Michael, Marketing Director

"I love standing in the lower city in the small cobble stone streets, surrounded by cute shops and cafes and looking up at the Funicular with the majestic Chateau Frontenac in the background. Doesn’t get much better than that!"
- Livia, Tour Consultant

“Honestly, I hesitate to share my favourite view because it’s a secret! It’s a secluded location that conveys a charm that was plucked right out of New France. I want to keep it that way! Parc Cavalier du Moulin is located on a small hill uptown and tucked away between the old fortifications of the city. The beautiful elevated view of Old Quebec, the quiet atmosphere … it’s my favourite place to escape to in the middle of June, coffee in hand. But keep it secret! You’re in the inner circle now.”
- Alexis, Product and Business Development

“Without question, my favourite view is the expression on students’ faces when they take it all in.”
- Mark, President

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