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Staff Picks: Life-Changing Travel Moments

Posted by Michael Johnson on Fri, Jun 3, 2016 @ 10:46 AM


Last month we shared a beautiful testimonial from Tehya, a student from New York who had wonderful things to say about her recent Jumpstreet school trip to Morocco. Everyone in our office was so moved that we started exchanging some of our own life-changing travel moments; now, we sharing them with you!

Jumpstreet-Tours-Terrie.jpg"Going to El Salvador changed my life. It was a big culture-shock for a girl who, by that point, had only been to Club Med a few times! Staying in Paraiso de Osorio, my husband’s old 'pueblo', opened my heart and eyes not only to this beautiful country but also to its wonderful people. Today, it's part of my family's cultural identity that I'm very proud to share with my kids - I cannot wait to bring them there so they can feel the love that I felt 8 years ago." - Terrie, Sales Manager






Vanessa.jpg"I’ve always loved the pit stops and adventures that came while cruising down the East Coast to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Whether it was for a lunch break in a tiny diner along the water in Nags Head; or watching the sun rise during the 23-mile drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel; or deciding to spend the night in Philly and NYC during the drive home, everything between Montreal and Cape Hatteras created some of my best memories to date." - Vanessa, Tour Consultant





Olivia.jpg"I spent five months in Dawson City, Yukon. I’ve travelled quite a bit over the years and my gosh this place was out of this world! Up there, no one has a cell phone. If you want to hang out with a friend, you had to go knock on their door! It was truly a magical place and the best part was being in the middle of nowhere, disconnecting and having only my immediate surroundings to deal with." - Olivia, Tour Coordinator





Jumpstreet-Tours-Alex.jpg"I had the privilege of growing up in a remote location in the Canadian Artic and made many trips down south with my parents to get some much-needed vitamin D. I grew up thinking it was normal for kids to fly 3 hours south to Montreal before continuing on to Florida, Barbados and Jamaica. But honestly, the trip that changed my life forever was my first Jumpstreet tour to Quebec City! I was a 'guide-in-training' with a group from Massachusetts and fell in love with educational travel, 20 years later, I've dedicated my life to recreating that same experience for the students and chaperones who travel with us." - Alex, Tour Consultant




What life-changing travel moments do you cherish? We'd love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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