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Take A Gander at our Many Ghost Tours

Posted by Michael Johnson on Thu, Oct 31, 2013 @ 01:33 PM


Halloween is a Centuries-old tradition with many different incarnations, from ancient Celtic harvest festivals to all-night zombie movie marathons. Whether you’re bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins or embarking on an epic trick-or-treat run, the events of October 31 are shaped by the myths and symbols that express our fears, our thrills and especially our unending love of candy.

Jumpstreet has always had a soft spot for ghost stories, and it shows in our student tours. Working for teachers and students for over 25 years has fostered a penchant for sharing history in the most creative way possible, and what better way to get the imagination going than with a few scares?


We have haunted walking tours of virtually all our major destinations. Because no student tour is complete without a visit to the historic quarter – and no historic quarter is complete without a few skeletons in the closet – this is your chance to mix it up a bit, to merge fact and fright as one!

Here are just some of the “frightseeing” tours that Jumpstreet has to offer:

Our 4-day Spring package to Boston includes a jittery jaunt through the old city, where tales of murder and revenge haunt the city’s iconic monuments. It also features a day trip to Salem, where you’ll learn about the infamous witch trials of the 17th Century that immortalized our fascination with the sinister sorceress.

Our 4-day student tour to Philadelphia & Gettysburg features a candlelit Gettysburg ghost tour that leads you and your students on a paranormal investigation of one of America’s most historic boroughs. The Battle of Gettysburg is sure to inspire its share of spooky tales.

Our 6-day Spring package to Ottawa includes a visit to the spooky Old Carleton County Jail. Did you know that before Ottawa flourished into the beautiful city it is today, it was once a murky swamp known as “the most dangerous town in North America”? A tour of the Old Jail certainly helps paint this grim backstory to Canada’s charming capital.

Our lineup of ghoulish ghost tours extends to Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto too! Simply contact us to find out more.

Happy haunting!

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