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The First 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When You Start Planning Your Class Trip

Posted by Michael Johnson on Wed, Aug 8, 2018 @ 10:58 AM

So, you'd like to plan a class trip. That's genius! You are a genius. The world is a better place because of you.

But what comes next?

Having spent almost three decades listening to teachers from communities all over North America, we’ve boiled down some questions to help you stay organized and energized throughout your planning experience.

To start, here are the first five questions you should ask yourself as you embark on the preliminary planning of your class trip:

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Staff Picks: My Montreal

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, May 23, 2017 @ 02:59 PM

Last week, Montréal celebrated its 375th Birthday. A wide range of activities are planned to mark the occasion. We have roots in Montréal and send countless student groups there - for both French and Spanish immersion trips with their language teachers - so it comes as no surprise that much of our team has something to say about what this wonderful city means to them: 


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Video: A Taste of Our Winter Class Trips to Quebec

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Aug 30, 2016 @ 04:33 PM

Hey! If you're planning a winter class trip to Quebec with Jumpstreet Tours, this video is a great recruitment tool.

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Tours of Quebec, New York, Washington and more! Download our 2017 E-Brochure

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Jun 14, 2016 @ 04:39 PM

Now's your chance to give your students that quintessential class trip memory that so many of us cherish from our own high school years.

In March we gave you our latest International Brochure, featuring itineraries and pricing for destinations all over the world.

Now here's our Domestic Brochure, the second installment in our 2017 student travel brochures that shines a light on trips to Quebec, New York City, Washington D.C. and more!

There are itineraries, trip-planning resources, and testimonials from teachers who are having a blast with us.

The catalog is free - we just need a few quick and basic details from you to proceed. It's a two-minute download that could lead to a lifetime of trip memories!

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Staff Picks: Essential Lunch Spots During Your Class Trip

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 02:32 PM

If there’s one this we all have in common at Jumpstreet Tours, it’s that we’ve spent a lot of time in the destinations that we offer for school trips.

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3 Montreal Summer Festivals to Add to Your Student Travel Radar

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, May 27, 2014 @ 12:42 PM

We’ve mentioned on here before that Montreal is bon vivant personified, a hotbed of thrilling student travel opportunities. Perhaps the best example of this is our penchant for a festival or two. Or eighty.

You can’t visit Montreal with students without landing on the doorstep of at least one annual festival. They come in all shapes and sizes; some are open to all while others reside in the niches of the city’s many diverse pastimes, from tennis to tattoos to techno music.

With dozens of festivals happening every month, we honestly have a hard time picking our favourites. Each one is best suited for a certain season, age group, and demographic. That said, here are three summer festivals that could really inject some new life into your class trip to Montreal:

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5 Reasons to Get Excited for Student Travel in 2014

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Jan 7, 2014 @ 10:40 AM

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The Official Jumpstreet Guide to Winter Packing is Here!

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 @ 11:35 AM

Picture this: it’s the night before your trip to Quebec’s wintery wonderland and your room looks like a dog’s breakfast of wool socks and long johns. You sit on top of your suitcase and carefully zip it shut, and just as you’re about to pat yourself on the back for a packing job well done, that sinking feeling sets in and you realize: I forgot to pack underwear!

We’ve all been there before. Packing for a trip, particularly one that will take you into the heart of a Canadian winter, can be overwhelming. While you don’t always have the luxury of being over-prepared for your adventure, you certainly can’t afford to be under-prepared.

Luckily for you we’re here to help!

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Jumpstreet’s Christmas Tribute to Réveillon

Posted by Michael Johnson on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 @ 10:04 AM

Ah, the holidays - a time to break bread and share in the spirit of warmth, generosity and shopping mall madness. Up here in Jumpstreet’s native Québec, the holidays usher in a wide array of festivities. Montréal’s thriving Jewish community, for example, comes to life during the eight days of Chanukah. But like most of the Western World, December in La Belle Province is largely synonymous with Christmas. Ever the bon vivant, we often mark the occasion with a day-long tribute that runs long, long into the night. It’s called Réveillon, and it’s a lot of fun.

Literally translated as ‘awakening’, Réveillon is a French Catholic tradition that dates back to the mid-1800s, when families would break fast and tuck in to a late-night meal after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. The event earned its name from the way that the meal would rouse participants after the labours of their day-long fast. Nothing says “rise and shine” like a hearty meal, especially if you’re starving! It’s a tradition that is celebrated in France and Quebec, not to mention countless French communities around the world, from the New Brunswick to New Orleans.

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Take A Gander at our Many Ghost Tours

Posted by Michael Johnson on Thu, Oct 31, 2013 @ 01:33 PM

Halloween is a Centuries-old tradition with many different incarnations, from ancient Celtic harvest festivals to all-night zombie movie marathons. Whether you’re bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins or embarking on an epic trick-or-treat run, the events of October 31 are shaped by the myths and symbols that express our fears, our thrills and especially our unending love of candy.

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