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When in Rome: 3 Tips for your Class Trip to Italy

Posted by Michael Johnson on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 @ 02:42 PM



There's a reason why Rome is affectionately known as the Eternal City. The opportunities to explore ancient history, eat delicious food, and visit awe-inspiring monuments seem endless. You likely won't see it all during your class trip to Italy - you'll definitely want to go back - so here are some fun ways to make the most of it.

1. Go native

No matter where your class trip is headed, show your destination a little love by paying respect to local traditions. It never hurts to consider the small culturally-accommodating gestures that will land you in the city's good graces.

For example, when you're visiting Rome's historic or religious monuments, like the Coliseum or Vatican, consider the dress code. It is generally frowned-upon to expose too much skin during your visit; in fact, too much skin can get you kicked out! Always consult your Tour Leader beforehand so you have enough time to prepare.

Fun fact: Feel like breaking an ancient Roman law? Wear purple! The 'sumptuary laws' of Ancient Rome made it illegal for anyone other than the Emperor and his Senators to wear the then-expensive dye. The law has long been defunct so take that, Julius Caesar!

Whatever you decide, just don't do what these tourists did. Major fail.

2. Eat everything

It's no secret that Italian food is a fan-favourite (hello, bread and cheese?!), so it's no wonder that, barring any serious food allergies (let us know in advance!), you should try everything that's on your plate. A class trip to Rome is a like a history lesson and a cooking class rolled into a giant, ancient cannelloni. Actually that sounds gross. But you get the idea.

Another 'going native' tip: Replace butter with olive oil. If you ask for butter on your pasta, you might raise a few eyebrows. This isn't amateur hour! You are visiting a world mecca of fine dining, embrace it!

Fun fact: Feel like breaking bread? Go for it! It's customary to literally break your bread apart rather than cut it. No meal is finished in Italy until you've used that hunk of bread of soak up any lingering sauce.

3. Plan ahead

Rome is among the most popular student travel destinations in the world. It can get very crowded, which is why it's worth planning ahead. In Jumpstreet Tours' 25+ years of experience, we've determined that the best time to go on a class trip to Italy is between April and June, when the crowds are thinner and the dead heat of summer hasn't quite set in. Plus, after a full day in the Eternal City with your students, there's nothing quite like the crisp springtime breeze of the Mediterranean.

Don't forget: If you're planning a class trip to Italy during the last week of April, a number of monuments are closed on Liberation Day (April 25) and Labour Day (May 1). Check with your Jumpstreet Tour Consultant for more details.


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