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When Travel Changes My Life

Posted by Michael Johnson on Wed, May 4, 2016 @ 12:38 PM


“Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ah, Ibn Battuta, a true icon of world travel. Considered one of history's greatest explorers, the Moroccan-born Berber scholar spent most of the 14th Century exploring Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. He was not a conqueror or missionary; he simply loved to travel and take it all in. His epic travel log, the Rihla ("the Journey") is essential reading for student-travellers of all ages.


I learned about Ibn Battuta in an African Studies class I took at McGill University. His journey has always felt timeless to me, his attitude feels so contemporary. I think about Battuta regularly when I'm on the job, and I thought about him immediately when Tehya, a student from Leman Preparatory School in New York, wrote to us about her life-changing experience on a recent Jumpstreet trip to Morocco. Here's what she had to say:

"I had a wonderful experience in Morocco this spring break. In addition to Madame Millauriaux and a few of my schoolmates, I was able to immerse myself in a culture quite different from my own. The food was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Moroccan cuisine is fresh, well seasoned, and delicious. We even learned how to make dishes such as tajinn and Berber bread. Another great part of our excursion was our time spent in the Sahara Desert. I loved riding the dromedaries and admiring the rest desert from the top of the sand dunes. I also had a lot of time exploring the medinas and seeing how people lived. I learned, during our trip, that Muslim people must go through a process of ablution before worshipping, which surprised me because it is so different from my own experience. I greatly enjoyed my time in Morocco and I would recommend this trip for anyone seeking a mind-opening adventure. I am very thankful for this opportunity to experience another culture and broaden my worldview."

I've travelled a lot in my life, each time returning with a new story to tell, but it's Tehya's Morocco trip, the one that she took the time to share with us, that has left me speechless. This is why I love my job. Thank you Tehya!

Stay tuned for more life-changing travel stories, this time from our very own Jumpstreet team! 

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