The Next 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself When You Start Planning Your Class Trip

Posted by Michael Johnson on Thu, Aug 30, 2018 @ 11:36 AM


We recently talked about the first five questions you should ask yourself as you embark on the preliminary planning of your class trip.

Questions are good! That's how we get answers. So let's keep it going.

Here are the next five questions you should be asking. Now that the early-stage thinking is done, you want to start thinking about the glue that will piece everything together. That way, your trip will really start to take shape and your community will have something tangible to think about before the school year kicks into full gear.

Do I need approval from my department head, administration, and/or school board?


For all your efforts, your trip won't take off (pun intended?) without those approvals you need from key stakeholders. Once you know the criteria for trip approval, we can help you jump the hoops. If there are restrictions around certain destinations and/or travel dates, we can work with you to craft a student tour that ticks all the boxes without compromising your vision. From paperwork to presentations to our comprehensive Brand Book - which features information on everything from programming to hiring processes to health & safety - we have both the resources and experience to help you get those all-important signatures.

What am I getting for the cost of this trip?


Whatever educational trip provider you choose, it's important to know what you're getting for the cost of your trip. Take the time to review the terms & conditions and inclusions featured in your trip proposal. If one provider's price is significantly lower than the rest, how did they get there? What services are they reducing or removing to get there? Every tour operator believes that they can meet your expectations, but really our job is to exceed them. Please ask us to include whatever you require to get this trip off the ground.

What kind of flights are we getting for this price?


This one is especially important if you're flying with your group and your school board mandates specific travel dates: Some tour providers are set up so that you won’t know your exact travel dates until one month prior to departure. It's a low-cost tactic. You'll have a rough idea of when you're going, but it's a moving target. Imagine the upheaval of your dates changing on such short notice; imagine having to tell parents! Or imagine your dates suddenly don't work with your school board regulations. That’s why we book flights well in advance and specifically for your group’s needs.


What kind of accommodations are we getting for this price?


Picture this: you're planning a class trip to Montreal and your provider saves you a few bucks by booking your accommodations out by the airport. "It's only 20 minutes to the downtown core," they say. No problem then, right? Wrong! Did you know that the Turcotte Interchange, a major artery that runs between the airport and the city, is under major construction? Between closures, delays and detours, you'd be looking at closer to 40-60 minutes each way, which means your group could be in transit up to two hours a DAY! You might save a few dollars, but it will cost you a lot of time stuck in traffic. That’s why we suggest centrally-located accommodations in your price, so you don’t have to spend half your trip commuting to and from the action.


What do I need to run a successful parent/teacher evening?


A compelling presentation that’s as engaging as it is reassuring can go a long way to getting your trip off the ground. We can provide promotional materials, personalized slideshows, detailed information on our Health & Safety policy, and, pending availability, can even send down a guest speaker. We're also available to Skype in to your meeting! How awesome would it be to have one of our reps holding court Max Headroom style?

Stay tuned as we share more food for thought towards planning your next student tour!

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